Power of Performance

Pranitaa Pandit on her acting skills, lifestyle, and her love for Bombay over Delhi.

 You started quite early in your career. Was it easy or difficult? 
I started my career when I was eighteen and I was not a professionally trained in acting. I feel that age does matter in getting roles because certain roles are written for a particular age group and somewhere down the line they prefer people that fit in that age group. So, it’s very important to accept your age and at the same time, it is also very important as an actor or as a professional to maintain yourself because it’s not your real age but your onscreen age that matters the most.

You played the negative lead in Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki. Is playing negative characters easier than playing positive ones?
Yes, I was playing a negative role in Kasam-Tere Pyaar Ki. Though it started as a positive character and then it switched to a negative character, but of course playing a negative character any day is more difficult but it’s a lot of fun too. If you ask me, I will always prefer to play a negative lead than a parallel lead or a positive character or a positive lead because there is more to do, there is more action, drama and it’s a lot of hard work also. So yes, I enjoy doing negative more.

Has marriage changed your professional life?
I don’t think me being married brings any difference to my fans or following. It’s absolutely ok, in fact, people want to know more about your personal life and enjoy it. So as far as I am concerned, I don’t think personally that me being married has made any difference. It’s basically made my life better anyways.

What kind of lifestyle do you prefer to live?
People think I have a very luxurious lifestyle, but, for me, it is about the basic necessities that I always need around. I belong to a political family and a business family so I always had the basic luxury in place. But I have always become more content, happy go lucky sort of a person.

You were associated with Happyness book launch written by Dr Yusuf Merchant. 

Yes, I have been associated with Dr Yusuf Merchant’s book launch. I met him through a family friend and when I got to know about his book and read, I felt like contributing for the cause of depression, anxiety, and people suffering from sexual abuse for which Yusuf had been working for last 35 years.

Are you also an insecure actor? 
Of course not. I think it’s a very natural thing and we should not judge anyone as human beings. Somewhere, we all are insecure in life. It is all about how you nurture yourself and move with your skills in life.

Two actresses can’t be good friends. Do you agree or disagree? 
I completely disagree with this thought that two actresses cannot be friends. I think two actresses can be very good friends because friendship has nothing to do with being an actor or not being an actor. It is about mutual bond and respect for each other irrespective of profession.

You are originally from Delhi, so what’s the difference between Delhi and Bombay? 
Yes, I have done my schooling from Delhi. I am basically in love with Bombay so I am going to be a little bias. I love the whole infrastructure of Delhi but somehow the freedom and the life we have in Bombay is something that I love more and that is actually the biggest difference between Bombay and Delhi. Plus, Bombay is far safer than Delhi.