maniesh paulCelebrating 10 years of Maniesh Paul in the industry over some memories, upcoming projects, and wine…

How is Maniesh as a person? How did your dreams shape up from childhood to date? 
I think I am an easy going person who loves being happy and enjoy life to its fullest. I don’t have any tantrums. I am glad that my childhood dream of becoming an actor came true and I am actually living that dream. I guess it’s been 12 years that I have shifted to Mumbai, God had been kind and the city along with my fans have always loved and cherished my work, so it makes me feel happy and content inside. I never thought I will be able to make it till here, now that I have done it, there is much more to come. (winks)

maniesh paulTelevision, films, live-shows and now singing. Tell us about the most challenging part of your journey. 
As a person, I always cherish the journey. The idea of getting up and going to the studio or location excites me. Every day when I go to bed and plan my next day, it makes me feel satisfied and that’s the beauty of this life I am living. Trust me, it’s magical.

Harjai, your latest singing venture had been a huge success on YouTube. How did it happen? 
I was sitting with Salman (Khan) sir and shared the idea of Harjai song and in the very first go he loved the lyrics and asked me to make it a full-fledged video. Then Sachin Gupta and my brother pushed me to bring it on floor and rest, as they say, is history.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. 
Currently, I am shooting for Indian Idol 10 that I am hosting. Apart from that, I have done two short films and a feature film and I am waiting for their timely release.  

How does Maniesh handle his personal and professional life?
It’s an art of balancing. As a professional, I make sure that things are done on time and sincerely. And when I am with my family, I make sure that my phone is on silent mode, so that my wife and kids get all the attention. Also, I make sure to plan my annual holiday with them to strengthen the bond.

 maniesh paulIt’s been more than a decade for you in the industry. How has life changed for you over the years?
(Woah!) Thanks for making me realize that I have completed 10 years. But, to be frank, I still feel like a newcomer. Here, every day is a challenge because you need to be better than yesterday. As far as my personal space is concerned, nothing has changed, but professionally, I have become more responsible and I make sure that I deliver entertaining content to keep my audiences and fans happy.

What’s your take on web series and short films?

In the last couple of years, short films have made a huge impact and I realized when I got a chance to be a part of two projects. Also, I am working on a few web series, so the kind of content these two mediums are catering; they are phenomenal and path-breaking. As an actor, they excite you to be on the set.

A cause you think needs immediate attention and you would stand for.
I always stand for women empowerment and I keep guiding youths and boys especially to respect women because that is one thing many people lack and it needs due attention.

TV for you is: Entertainment 
Love for you: Life
Dilliwala hu Bhai…:  Har cheez ka jugaad hai hamare pass
Social media to you is: The best way to connect with my friends and fans 
One song you can’t believe you danced on: Jab lagawe lu tu lipstick
One life you want to know or live like: Amitabh Bachchan
One cause you stand for: Respecting women and women empowerment
A Bollywood remake you wish to be a part of: Deewar
One word that describes you: Cool
Message for all our readers: Chase your dreams, because they do come true