PARITOSH LADHANI, The New-Age Hotelier

Coming from a family successful venture, Paritosh Ladhani entered in hospitality industry with Radisson Blu Agra. A strong believer of ‘Customer being the King’, he has patiently paid attention to what ‘his client’s suggestion’ and made his way to success. Here he speaks of the hotel industry and why ‘Radisson Blu Agra’ is best choice for a weekend to the city.
What prompted you to dive into taking up hospitality industry with Radisson Blu?
With my family business in running the biggest bottling plant of the country, we were looking for diversification when I came back after my studies in abroad. I wanted to get into hospitality and was thus, looking for suitable land in four-five cities. We wend to Jaipur, but did not get the land. But, fortunately, got to learn of this land in Agra with a view to the World-wonder- The Taj Mahal. On the possession of the same, I got in touch with Radisson and rest is history. We are now operational for seven years and were the first international brand of city. Unlike other hotels with Mughlai design architecture, we brought contemporary design with Indian nawabi- cuisine and freshness. With focus on online bookings and offerings, we have become the number one hotel in terms of occupancy, location in the city. With the highest bookings, we are doing pretty well. We do as the customers say, which makes it our little secret of being their first choice.
Paritosh Ladhani
With travel running high on priority list of young Indian tourists, how do you see the same going down in the Indian hotel industry?

Respite of a lot many things including de-monetization and more, the hotel industry is surely experiencing a rising trend. All hotels have realised their additional efforts which need to go into satisfying the customer and making them a repeated client too. We have partnered with some biking companies to take our clients to Mehtab Bagh, yet we strive for more. For instance, during summers, we put special check-in counters for kids. While a gentle-man checks-in on behalf of his family, his child too would do the same. The child is given an access card and a bagful of goodies. The library at Radisson Hotel Agra is filled with history and culture of the city. All of this adds to our good ratings. Today, as a business if you want people to talk about you, you have to be different in own terms. Otherwise, the customers has multiple choices to choose from. We have more repeated customers from Delhi-NCR who check in through good reviews by their family and friends. That is what adds as a motivation to my team and me to strive to do even better.

In a world with everything runs through
internet before turning a reality, how does your business keep a step ahead?
It is about experience. Everytime a customer walks into Radisson Blu Agra, he is offered an incomparable tour in time which then turns them into a repeated customer. Additionally, they choose us time and again. Their stay becomes such, they tend to share a good word among their friends and compliment our efforts to serve them better.
Customer satisfaction or client servicing, how do we balance that in the hotel industry?
Customer satisfaction is a combination of a lot of things. Primarily, one has to be passionate of what you do. We stick to our ideology of following the processes. While working on building the hotel, we followed everything book-by-book as laid out by Radisson. Food finds way to heart of our clients. If it is good, half the battle is already won. We are extremely particular about ingredients we use for our international guests. Every week have food, food-service audits that help us keep a close eye on the tasks. We also keep a check on online ratings, specially the suggestions of our clients and continuously keep working for better.
What adds to the experience at Radisson Blu Agra being so special?
Our noble approach to treat the guests has also added to our popularity. For instance, We do a free show for guests to tell story behind the Taj Mahal, black Taj that was to be built. Thus, when they enter its premises, the are able to easily relate to the elements and short tales about it. Our innovative ways to offer food has won us many accolades too. We were the first ones to offer alfresco dining along the poolside. Majority of our client-base are above 50 years of age. Even the young crowd that we have come either on weekends or holidays. The segment of 50 and above is were the money is and we focus more on them. It is all about setting the basics right.
“With an average of 80% occupancy since its inception, Radisson Blu has been the number one 5-Star hotel in the city, for quite a while now. Mr. Paritosh himself being from Agra, has been able to personally connect with the local culture and tap on to the vast opportunity that hospitality domain offers. The city has appreciated the freshness, contemporary look and food that Radisson Blu, Agra offers, which has not been an overnight achievement, but is a result of the pre-opening research, feedback and understanding of the market, which he personally oversaw.”
PARITOSH LADHANI“Radisson Blu, Agra, recently won the award for being the ‘Best Leisure Hotel’, while Dawat-e-Nawab won the ‘Best Indian Food Restaurant’ to add to other glories, demonstrating the strong connect that Mr. Paritosh Ladhani has been able to maintain with the city.”