Abraam Pandey

TV actors often fall prey to oblivion, because of the game of success and failure. Express your views. 
It should not affect anyone’s inner peace. Acting is a profession and should be considered just as a job, nothing beyond. Success and failure is part and parcel of life. I think patience is very important for every actor. I guess it happens with the people who are impatient, but not with me.

If the script demands a bold scene on television, will you do? 
Definitely yes! With due respect to the Indian audience and their point of view, if the script demands me to get intimate with the other character in a show I will definitely perform it. For me, it’s not a bold scene, but a part of the character I am playing.

Do you think six-pack ab is a compulsion for TV actors?
Looking good is an inevitable part of the glamour industry. But, when it comes to skill set, six-pack abs is not counted; only your acting speaks. Personally, I can’t live without my six packs. I lost them because of my character of Naarad in Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot.

In the industry, relationships don’t work out in many cases. Is it because of narcissism? 
In case of a relationship, you can’t blame narcissism as the reason for separation; it is all about mutual understanding. In my case, I love myself but I am not self-obsessed. I respect everyone and I respect the creation of nature.

Casting couch exists in the entertainment industry, do you agree? 
Yes, it does exist. I can’t mention anyone’s name but it has happened many times with me. People tried to make me understand that this is important for this industry and one day you have to do it with someone for success. As I believe, casting couch is just in your head. There are good people around who are ready to help and guide you selflessly.

TV actors are recognized only till the time their shows are on-air. What is your viewpoint?
Yes, but it’s partially true. There are actors who have already set the benchmark with their powerful performance and they are still remembered and recognized. For instance, Juhi Parmar of Kumkum.

Has a male actor ever made a pass at you? 

No. It never happened with me, but have heard a lot about such instances.

Would you like to be a part of reality shows like Big Boss?
Yes, I would love to be a part of it (if offered). But, I will never create any controversy in my professional life to get into it. I love the concept of the show. You can connect with your genuine fans and they get to know the real you.