Meet Prof. Dr.  GD Singh, a global management consultant, brand maker, educationist, academician, author, speaker, film producer & world peace advocate.
He has the ability to convert his creative ideas into workable practical sustainable business models and it reflects in his successful projects. He is a firm believer of United Nations Global Compact Impacts. He is also the Founder & President of Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation (CIHF), Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC, Global), World Peace & Diplomacy Organization (WPDO) & Unified Brainz Group Holdings Inc. Excerpts from the interview:

What passion means to you?
For me, passion is all about achieving those goals that give you inner satisfaction. My passion is to see the world happy & peaceful filled with love and humanity. In short, I feel my goals are to work towards the achievement of the United Nations global goals. (smiles)

What has been your motivation in this journey? 
 Dream big, think logical, act smart and move fast. These are a few tips for those who wish to make it big in life. It is necessary to work with passion and dream of your goals every day and keep reminding yourself of what needs to be done to impact your  

As a world peace advocate, what do you feel is missing in the world today?
After travelling for so many years and meeting people, I have realized that we all are missing altruism. It’s a fact, that people have no time to help or support each other, even if they are capable enough of doing so. Moreover, I believe, it is necessary to make more leaders not followers.

Tell us about your professional life as the President of Unified Brainz Group Holdings Inc?
I always believed in honing the best abilities in an individual and trust me this is the success formula that helped me build the team called Unified Brainz. Wherein, professionals from all discipline have come on a single platform to raise the bar of any project given to us, and being the President of such an arrangement makes me feel blessed and humbled to see so many unique talents.

What is the biggest challenge of the world at present? 
I think we are all not contented and only God knows what we are running after. I think we need to relax and spend some time understanding, how we can actually make a difference to the society and make it a better place.  

How would you define peace?
In my opinion peace at large begins with inner peace. And for the same, it is necessary to devote your mind, body, and soul selflessly for the development of the society.

As a branding guru, how do you define branding?
Branding is not a one-time action but a process which gets matured with time. Any new product or service takes time in finding its roots in the market, and so does its brand image in the mind of the users. Therefore, the brand owners must, at all times, be on their toes, monitoring the brand performance and making necessary changes with consumer feedbacks. So, there should always be a feedback mechanism which keeps telling you how your brand is performing in the market. And many times, it’s the brand than the product itself, which plays the game in the market.  As I always say, “If you want people to be loyal to your brand, be loyal to them in terms of deliveries.”

Could you share any unique projects you are working on?
We have recently launched India’s ‘First Speaking Coffee Table Book on Who’s Who of Industries’, which is the first augmented reality of such proportions. For which it has now had an official entry in the World Book of Records, UK. This would be launched for every state of India, of which, Gujarat & Rajasthan have already been covered. Along with this India, this is also going to be launched for Sri Lanka. Along with this, we are also going to launch a hyper-lifestyle magazine – Passion Vista – which will be reader’s gateway to the exquisite. Our third grand project is the first-ever confederation of trade & industry dedicated to entire Asia and African region.