Number 31 is a restaurant in Defence Colony Market which promises to bring sumptuous breakfasts to your plate and palate. Their breakfast platters are a sight to behold. From their pancakes, eggs and waffles to their steamed dumplings and pan fried gyozas, allow their expert chefs to take you on a culinary tour.

The Restaurant is owned by Mr. Shivam Bhaskar who is also the owner of Number 8. Like Number 8, the restaurant has three floors. The first floor has a long table with vibrant and comfortable tall chairs. The second floor with its live sushi station makes for the perfect place to catch the talented and deft chefs in action. The terrace provides a prime view of the city and is thus, the perfect setting for an intimate meal with family and close friends. The place is done up in hues of white and turquoise and the plush upholstery lends it an aura of opulence. Making use of the indigenous ingredients incorporated in Asian dishes, you will find many dishes with shitake mushrooms, salmon, prawns, and tofu which are characteristic of the cuisine. Hop on a scrumptious culinary journey with a Super Food Breakfast or a Full English BreakfastThe Greek and Devilled Avocados aims to present eggs in a novel way, thereby changing the dynamics of a conventional breakfast. Feast on their Tofu BahnMi for a velvety smooth gastronomic experience and chomp up a Teppanyaki Burger prepared with an appetizing tenderloin patty. Choose from a Tempura Roll, California Roll or Tofu Roll for an exquisite Sushi experience and revel in the beauty and flavors of these exceptional cuisines.

Number 31 is Delhi’s first Sushi and Dimsum bar, whipping up an eclectic variety of rolls and dumplings. 

  1. Poached Eggs in Hummus- This has been one of the best dishes that we have had where the poached egg was prepared in hummus and served along Pita. Garnished with sesame seeds, green chili the dish offers unique flavors and a tempting taste.
  2. Quinoa Bowl- The dish contains roasted pumpkin, quinoa, low-fat feta, pomegranate, mint and toasted pumpkin seed. The dish is a retreat for all those who prefer a healthy and nutritious breakfast.
  3. Truffled Mushroom on Toast- Served with a country loaf and French fries, this dish is prepared by cooking the wild mushrooms in cheese sauce. This is a delicious and tempting meal for all those who love mushrooms.
  4. BrissedMozo Chicken- An extremely delicious dish, it reminded us of grilled chicken sandwiches with a unique flavor of parmesan on top. This dish differs itself from the normally grilled sandwiches, offering a unique blend of cheese and minced chicken.
  5. Dimsum- For all the dim sum lovers, the place is a one-stop shop for relishing the delicious flavors and categories of dim sums. Right from salmon dim sums to vegetarian dim sums, the place offers one of the most relishing dim sums with unique tastes. Chicken sui mui and the spicy chicken dim sum which is in the shape of red chili are a must try. One should also go for Pumpkin, goat cheese and asparagus crispy roll, which is delicious to the core.
  6. Sushi- The place has one floor dedicated to seeing the live sushi preparation and their sushi’s are one of the best that we have in Delhi. The prawn sushi is the most delicious dish that we have tried so far. The Snow Pea, Water Chestnut, and Marinated Shitake Roll, as well as Spicy Salmon, is a must try. The Sushi Burrito which has crab stick, Japanese omelet, cucumber, avocado and spring onion is a must try.
  7. Snicker Waffle- Prepared with chunky peanut butter, salty caramel, and chocolate, the dish is extremely tasty for all the chocolate lovers and the waffle is also prepared fresh.
  8. Stuffed Nutella Pancakes- This dish cannot be missed. It’s a three-tier pancake served with Nutella and a drizzle of maple syrup. Extremely delicious and a must try.


Quality of Food- 4/5


Value for Money- 4/5

TMM Rating-4/5