Kiara Advani


Everyone live their own journey of making it big in life. What has been your tale?

I grew up watching a lot of films and used to admire female actors like Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor in various roles. Being a movie-buff had a great influence on me as a child. My parents noticed my inclination towards pursuing ‘acting’ as a profession and I was put to dance classes. They were pretty clear with prioritizing my education over my ambitions. Thus, while pursuing my graduation, I attended regular acting workshops at acting schools. As soon as I completed my education, my aunt got me through the director and ensured I auditioned for ‘fugly’. I auditioned and was cast for role in the film. I feel lucky to have bagged the role in my first attempt itself.

Since you like to work out so much, what is your particular routine?

I love kick-boxing. I feel it is one workout that has worked wonders for me. It is a skill that helps you build that stamina, intensity while practicing it. Also, I prefer doing some functional training whenever I am at the gym. I generally use my own body weight to train.

How was your experience working on remake of legendary Bollywood hit track ‘tu cheez badi hai mast mast’?

It was very surreal when I got to know the song was a remake of the super-hit from 90s. I remember watching Akshay Kumar and Ranveena Tandon grooving to the song. I completely loved it then. Dancing to the tunes of this remake was completely humbling. Though, it was really difficult to match up to the iconic moves of Raveena Tandon but both Bosco and Caesar choreographed this effortlessly. We wanted to keep it a little different yet holding on to the soul of it. They made sure we did not overdo it.

M.S. Dhoni gave you a mileage to make your own space in the industry. Did you ever feel Sushant took away the limelight?

I was very excited to be a part of a story like this. Before signed the contract, I was aware of the fact that it is a biopic and the protagonist would receive more screen time and space than me. For my limited stance of 35 to 40 minutes of screen time, I had to portray an extremely innocent, young woman who stays unaffected by her husbands’ stardom. Her for the kind of person he is.  I somehow matured more while playing that character. The kind of appreciation I received for my performance on release of the film was admirable. It was then that people knew who I was. I took a while to accept the success I got on doing this film. It helped me earn respect an actor from my co-actors, directors other names from within and outside the industry.

How did you prepare yourself for the role of Sakshi Dhoni in the film?

After I had signed the film, Neeraj sir did a couple of readings with the entire team. He never asked me to meet Sakshi in person. Personally, I felt I was preparing myself to be someone who is not fiction but exists for real. I wanted Sakshi to feel that I did justice to my role. Therefore, I managed to reach out to her. She was extremely approachable and helpful on sharing about her equation with Dhoni. She even sent a few pictures from her college time for me to have a better idea about her personality. Sushant had a lot of voice recordings of Sakshi talking to Dhoni, to his family, discussing their relationship. All this put together helped me render her character I did.

What is your idea of true love?

Being comfortable and loyal to your man or woman.

Has stardom brought any changes in you as a person?

I think I have only just begun. It is both moving and motivating to find such love and recognition on being a new comer. All of this makes me feel very special. There surely a long way to go.  

Rapid Fire :

Do you like to cook?


What would be perfect date mean to you?

I would love it if my man would cook a healthy yet yummy meal for me.

Which is one role you would love to play?

An intensive role in a romantic film

Who can you not live without?

My parents

Name your favorite brand?

Manish Malhotra for Indian wear

Favorite sports person?