Engg and modelling, how do you handle both
Well, handling different things at a time has always been there for me from my school days, As I was into shuttle badminton, volleyball and cricket but then still I used to manage to get distinction in studies. And now it is modelling which is my passion. I give equal priorities to both modelling and engineering. modelling ke waqt modelling and padai Ke waqt padai.

Each picture of yours looks different, how do you define your self as
A model is one who has to be capable to carry any look given to him in a brilliant way  and I try my best to understand and feel the concept of the shoot and shoot accordingly. I would like to be as a versatile model.

The competition is tough, what do you think you have is different
Every model is different in their own way and it depends on the person who is seeing them in their own perspective. I don’t like to boast about myself by answering this question and since YOU are doing my interview, obviously you might have seen  something different in me than other models.

A models personality is more than just looks, your take on it
Yes, I agree. Looks do matter  alot but apart from that you should be humble, down to earth, hard working and inspiring, as a lot of people take you as their role model and get inspired by you and your work.

Your dream is to….
My dream is to be the youngest Mr world.

Your most seductive feature
I believe I am a full package.. Haha..jokes apart. But I must say it depends on the other person complimenting me.

What turns you on in a women
The best curve on the women’s body which is her smile.

Your take on third gender rights
Everyone has their own rights and a right to live how ever they wish to be. No one has the right to underestimate any person of what they are and what gender they belong to.

Social media is addictive, your take-
As we all know that everything has got  positives and  negatives  and it depends on what you choose. Getting addicted to anything is not a good habit. Social Media kills a lot of your time but then it helps you to get to know new people and a  billion things which you dint know about.

What I wear to bed is just…
Depends on with whom am I sleeping!

Smart move or right move, your move is
I try to take the right move in a smart way.

Flirting is
Good to health..lol..

My body part I love to flaunt
My whole body.

An accessory you won’t forget
A mobile

Dark side of modelling is
As I said before, everything has got both  bright side and a dark side and in every field there is ups and downs. By God’s grace everything has gone well for me till now and I hope everything  goes like this in the future.

What turns you on and off in blind dates
To be honest I have never been on a blind date.

Are you sexy or brainy
People call me both sexy and brainy and I believe I am both.

The biggest fear that you have overcome is
Loosing people.

You turn invisible and the first thing you would do is
Steal some black money from the corrupts and give it to the poor.

One thing you want the world to know about you is
A person called AKASH D PRABHU exists. As billions of people take birth and die without making any name.