Jasmin Bhasin I don’t know why surrogacy is considered as a controversial topic: Jasmin Bhasin

Actor Jasmin Bhasin, who plays the role of Teni in the show Dil Se Dil Tak, talks about surrogacy and what she wants to do next.

The show is based on the surrogacy. What are your views on the subject?

> I don’t understand why term ‘Surrogacy’ is considered as a ‘controversial’. It is a blessing for people who cannot naturally have a child. Our society should get rid of such wrong perceptions.

A show on surrogacy is a bold move. Were you apprehensive about how this show would be received?

> I have never been apprehensive before signing a show on its assumed reception. Faith in my writers, producers and channel creatives make me believe in my project. Moreover, I was confident about playing Teni and knew if I play it right, people would love and accept it.

Nowadays TV shows are no longer regressive and pick up bolder topics. Do you feel that the audience is finally ready for such content?

> They are finally ready for such content that’s why we are making, delivering and producing such shows. I think Indian audience is ready for all this.

Jasmin BhasinAn actor has a great fan following and with this fan following comes the You have done some films down south as well. Many actors talk about how it is very professional there. Do you agree?

>  I think while doing television I realised that television is equally professional and really sound technically. But yes, down south, they are really technically advanced and they are very professional. It was a decent experience working down south.

Issues relating to women empowerment are being touched upon in TV shows. Do you feel that these will make a difference in society?

> I am sure this will make a difference to our society. There are a lot of things which we never talk about thinking those to be social taboos. But when these things are shown on TV, we watch these with our family, friends. We feel comfortable. Communication is the key to all the problems. So, I think it will make a difference.

What about Bollywood? Any plans as such?

> I have plans and I am meeting a lot of people. I am being called for a lot of auditions because people have really praised me for what I have been doing on small screen. Eventually, I shall land up with something great and everybody will know about it.


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