Do you hate anyone in real life?
Hate is a very strong word and emotion. I think in childhood days, what we call as dislike was often misunderstood as hatred. As I grew a little older, now hate as a word is no more in my dictionary. I might like or dislike someone but there is no scope to hate someone.

Films versus television, which medium you enjoy the most and why?
I think the mediums are different and they work on different tangents, it will be unfair to compare both. As an actor, I have to justify the medium I am working for. So, I think, I enjoy both the mediums equally.

TV actors are often tagged as ‘TV actor’, even after making it to the silver screen. What’s your viewpoint?
 Well, I think I don’t have any problem with being called as TV actor because that’s where I started my journey. We should always remember that even Shah Rukh  Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput had started with television and as they say, rest is history.

How comfortable are you doing bold scenes? 
To me what bold is may not be for others, so bold scenes as a concept is very subjective. For me, it is all about comfort and need of the script. I have done a few bold scenes in my last release and I was comfortable doing so.

 What kind of films do you want to do?
 I’d rather do anything and everything that comes naturally to me. I have always been instinctive in life. I have done certain things which have worked and certainly haven’t but that’s the way it is. If I become choosy then I am curtailing myself from the world.

You have completed a decade in the industry. How do you see your journey? 
I think it’s going to be 13 years in June and the journey has been great. I started my career with Remix and took a sabbatical for a few years and then came back with Dil Mil Gaye. I have been doing reality shows for 5 and half years and had been anchoring mostly. People have accepted and they still want to see me and the channels are still accepting me to be a part of the shows. If I talk about the downs, they are a part of life. I did films that did not work out. I did 3 films with UTV and 1 with Yash Raj which released and did not work out. The first film from UTV could not release and there was a time I had no work because television people were thinking I was doing films and people from the film industry were waiting for my films to release.

At a point, cricket was an inseparable part of your life. Share some details. 
When I was in Delhi, I had played for under 19 leagues professionally. I went to play for DCA which I couldn’t break through. It’s been a great and fond memory and would carry it through life and yes I do regret it because I always wanted to become a cricketer. Sometimes, I regret because I left at a time when cricket was not an entertainment thing in 2003. I played with friends who are now playing for IPL and Indian cricket team and I feel happy seeing them grow. As a child, I always loved Sachin Tendulkar for his performance, but Ajay Jadeja was my favourite. In the current lot, Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan are not only my favourites but dear friends too.

Any fan moment you would like to share?
I am glad that I am still so popular and people still love me. It’s very humble to know that from kids to adults they all adore me for my work. I guess that is because I have done a lot of young and reality shows.  It feels good when fans send gifs in my name. I have a lot of fans who have tattooed my name, who have named a star after me and they send homemade chocolates, write letters, books of my work and even compile DVDs of my work.

What are the pros and cons of being an actor? 
The pros and cons are like the two sides of a coin. Not everyone is going to love you not everyone is going to hate you. The pros include recognition, fame, comfort, luxury, and attention. Cons are, people, don’t realize that you are also a human being and you cannot please everyone every time.

 Where do you see your life in next 10 years?
I hope I am as chilled out as I am today because last 13 years have been great, professionally and personally both. I wish to do more of content work and become a successful person on my own terms.