Love is an emotion beyond exchanging smiles, giggles, jokes, togetherness, where everything is rosy and breathes charm. On the quest of finding out the true meaning of love, I read poems, listened to romantic melodies, borrow inspiration from Mirza Ghalib’s ghazals to introspect everyone’s version of ‘love beyond emotion’. 

After a detailed confusing discussion on ‘tendered-passion’, I de-cluttered to study minutely. Simplification of emotions seemed necessary to understand and share a simplistic take on it. A moment of Eureka, ‘Love is a unique taste of beauty’. Anything and everything that you love, carry ‘artistry’ that attracts you too irresistible self. 

Unfortunately, the simple subject carries never misses out on being ‘complicated in its existence between human-race. Societal pressure suffocates a free-flowing desire in an individual’s heart and minds. The ‘great Indian culture’ tends to ‘direct a citizen to have a love-relation in a pre-defined manner.  Thus,  love my friend, is a matter of affection which births out of choice to make you ‘happy’& content and nothing to be ashamed of. 

Irrespective of ‘who’ you love, male, female or the third gender; let’s make a fair pact to ‘Love and let Love’.

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