Nominated to be Delhi’s most successful Women Entrepreneur, Mallika has carved her niche
to develope Delhi as ‘Fashion Capital’ of India. A Connoisseur of finest collection herself, she
offers the best of fashion Fashionistas through her exhibition ‘Fashion Capsule’. The event
organises theme-based exhibitions each season which leaves visitors spoilt for best of
Choices. Here is a glance of her exclusive conversation with TMM-

How different is Fashion Capsule from other exhibit platforms?

FASHION CAPSULE is a New Delhi-based fashion and lifestyle shopping exhibition. The event
experiences huge footfall, satisfied stall holders and happy shoppers. It works closely with several
leading fashion designers and luxury car brands of the country. In the past, our shows have been
visited and appreciated by Bollywood star Evelyn Sharma , Superstar late Sridevi and numerous
politicians and industrialists. This gala shopping event aims to bring together multiple Fashion,
lifestyle, creative and boutique brands under one roof for elite shoppers. It aims is to promote
emerging designers from fields of fashion, Jewellery and lifestyle.
All our exhibitions are themed under seasons, around which there revolves a strong marketing and
promotional strategy that gives them an edge over others. At fashion capsule, they can proudly say
that they  never compromise on brand promotions, promoting participating designers, to reach target
audience. All of this results in them visiting and shopping at exhibitions with immense satisfaction.
The exhibition committee carefully hand-picks exhibitors to provide an edge to new talent and reach
maximum. We deliver what we promise.

Q. Tell us about your journey in the fashion industry so far?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.” Quoted Henry
David Thoerau which I truly believe in. Coming from a family of successful business entrepreneurs, I
dreamt of creating new and effective business opportunities. I started my professional journey by
managing the ladies division of Jainsons Tycoon (a leading garments store in New Delhi).
Thereafter, I went on to pursue a diploma in Fashion Retail Management from NIFT and further got
my hands on diploma in Merchandising due to my keen in interest in fashion and lifestyle. On taking
learning from successful family business, I decided to turn professional and learn more about
international luxury brands and their functioning in our country. I took the position of Sales Director at
an international luxury brand at DLF Emporio, New Delhi, Here I gained practical firsthand-
experience of dynamics of organisational structure. My high-spirits lead me to launch Fashion

A vision in my thoughts and a dream to provide beautiful attire, a gorgeously curated set up
brimming with happy people, laughter and joy led me to initiate ‘Fashion Capsule’. On sharing about
it with a group of close friends, I shared about the need to give new designers a platform to
showcase their collections and promote their talent.

How did Delhi respond to exhibition? Do you feel a market flooded with retail malls proves
beneficial for exhibitions?

Honestly, the market is flooded with exhibitions. When I began, there was a limited competition, now
there is much. The market is spoilt for choices. At the end of day, an exhibitions’ success depends
on marketing mix, which many people might not understand. It is about putting the right product at

the right place at the right time at the right price with intense marketing activities.Some achieve
,some don’t.
Retail malls and exhibitions go hand-in- hand. Both showcase established and emerging designers.
Those who can’t afford a retail space invest in space at exhibitions for direct-sale. I feel they both
compliment each other. Also, the number of walk-ins at an exhibition is more than what comes to a
store in a mall. Thus, being available at an exhibition is also a good way to market and create
awareness for a brand.

What are your views on ‘empowering women’? 

Entrepreneurship and working woman are both really important factors for India as a whole. Modern
women are inclined towards social
issues and are trying hard to enhance social status of women at
large. Increased awareness and education has inspired women to
step out of home. Many women secure eminent positions and offices in administration and public life
in free India.
A woman can look beautiful and fashionable in anything if worn with confidence.