Asees KaurHer melodies that jinx romance in heart, mind, body and soul suffice the calm yet peppy personality of Asees Kaur. Here we bring a glimpse of her interaction with team TMM. 

You earned recognition on voicing Gurbani. How did everything work out well?

Everything worked out on itself. I started singing while I was just four years of age. Coming from a Sikh family, it was more out of a tradition that I started singing the verses. However, my father wanted me to learn it from someone. He asked a few people to coach me in singing Gurbani. Everyone denied at that time saying I was too young to be trained. On returning from school one afternoon, I was practising a poem I learnt. On hearing that he motivated me to try a shabad. Though it took a month to prepare my first verse, the appreciation was overwhelming.

You began your career with reality shows. How real are those?

I began with the sixth season of Indian Idol. Though I was not selected for further process, it made me stronger. After I came back heartbroken and thinking I would never make it again; I pulled up my socks, practised vocals and came back with a bang without any ‘baggage’ of reality shows. 

You sang ‘Bolna’, followed by ‘ikk audi’ as a playback singer for dynamic Alia Bhatt. How do you think she pulls your songs?

It goes without saying, Alia pulls it with such grace that people think she has sung the vocals herself.

How are you lining your new projects?

I am finally singing three tracks which I am sure would rule the party scene in India.  

Asees Kaur


Rapid fire:

Reality shows are: an eyeopener

A star you wish to sing for apart from Alia Bhatt: Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma

Most romantic song: Bolna from Kapoor & Sons

Genre you wish to experiment: Sufi and folk

Yesteryear actress you wish you had sung for: Madhuri Dixit

Your crush: Ranveer Singh


Girls, have dreams because that isn’t guided by anyone.