Mrunal JainWhat is the secret behind your fit and healthy body?

There is no secret. The most important thing is discipline and punctuality towards the need and being fit. Basically, my secret is a disciplinary approach towards my workout. Only when you are ‘fit’, you feel good and energetic each day. My father appreciates my hard work that also boosts my morale.

What forms the physical fitness routine that keeps you in shape?

I do a combination of training. Weight training and cardio form a major part of such training. At times I dance or do an MMA training but that is very rare because it demands high energy and physical strength. 

For how long do you break a sweat at the gym? 

You won’t find me working out for more than a one hour fifteen minutes at the gym. My week’s schedule includes -chest and abs on Monday,  legs on Tuesday, back on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday, arms on Friday and legs on Saturday. This is the basic routine that I have been following for many years. It is only the different variations that I keep doing for every body part.

How important is the diet for a fit body?

Seventy percent of your diet is where your body is made because even if you do a good workout and the body is not supplied with a good form of food, it would not develop. You should always match up your workout with a good diet. Having said that, I being a Jain have a limited source of proteins. So, I basically stick to paneer, tofu and of course iso-protein which I take after my workout. Additionally, a lot of water works wonders. I try to avoid junk food. Other than that, I have the normal meal.  Even if I eat junk food someday, I make sure that I burn it on the next day itself. 

Does having smaller portions of food at regular intervals help? How do you manage to eat healthy meals between your hectic work schedules?

All credit goes to my mother Vidya and my wife Sweetie. They prepare my meals whenever am between shoots. Homemade food helps me stick to my diet. I eat food every two hours. When you are working out so much, you feel hungry but what you eat makes all the difference. So after a tough workout, if you are having oily food, it does not make sense. Thus, I prefer to have soy protein, soya bean, rajma, tofu, salad and soup. My whole food has always maintained a balance of carbs and calories.

Rapid Fire

My fitness regime: Monday to Friday. 

My daily diet: Homemade food.

The importance of sleep and diet on health and fitness: A good night sleep keeps me sane. 

My supplements include: Iso-protein and key workout.

The body part I love training: Legs
Mrunal JainMy best body feature: Abs

I started working out at the age of: 17

Fitness mistake one must never make: Never compete with fellow gym partners.

On my cheat days, I like to indulge in: Pizza

I like to work out with: My wife Sweetie

The Bollywood actors with the fittest body: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff.

The days I don’t workout I feel: I am a loser

My tip for those aspiring to be fit: There is no age to feel that
you cannot be fit. Tell yourself “Let’s start tomorrow, do what you
have never done before.” This will help you to be more active, alert and