Defence Colony’s brand new offering Café Yell is a new age boutique café founded by Vipul and Divya Gupta. The duo, whose names are synonymous with the premium clothing label ‘Yell’ and the Rajasthani specialty restaurant ‘Kathputli’, have started this brand new venture in the form of an Italian style café that focuses quite simply on excellent coffee, great food, and hospitable service.

“A passion for quality and friendly service guides all elements of our businesses. We at Café Yell want to provide the same high levels of finesse & service that we are known for in our apparel business – Yell; as a matter of fact, this new venture’s interiors are inspired from fashion,” said Divya Gupta.

 The interiors of the café are designed with a mix of colors from the art palette and various items of tailoring and fashion can be seen across the walls and ceiling.

 The menu is a combination of snacks and meal items and is perfect for a quick bite as well as a long conversation with family or friends.

 “As a neighborhood café, our passion is to replicate the ritual and romance of a European coffeehouse where friends gather to enjoy conversation. We want to create a warm and creative space where people can hang out and connect, gorge over our delicious pizzas & signature home-made desserts and listen to good music,” said Vipul Gupta.

 Retreat from the chaos of everyday life. Take a moment to relax and enjoy our unique little cafe over conversation or personal solitude with a cup of your favorite beverage and our delicious fare.

Must Try Dishes:

  1. Mushroom Cappucino: This rich mushroom soup is prepared fresh on order and is topped with a scoop of frothed milk. This is served in a cup and gives the feeling of having a coffee, however, the when tasted, it gives a flavor of fresh mushrooms and milk. A unique yet delicious dish.
  2. Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup: This soup is prepared fresh using oven roasted tomatoes and is refined with aromatic basil. Extremely delicious and tasty.
  3. Strawberry Orange Shake: A unique blend of fresh strawberry and oranges, the shake is extremely tasty and refreshing.4.Succosso Roast Chicken: A unique sandwich prepared with roasted country chicken, tomato, cucumber and egg, the dish is extremely tasty and is also rich in carbohydrates as well as proteins.
  4. Pepperoni Pizza: The Pepperoni pizza is a must try and offers the taste of all the chicken and mozzarella flavours that one can think of. Café Yell prepares fresh pizza base everyday so that the customer enjoys the pizza to the fullest. Recommended.
  5. Penne Alfredo: The pasta that was prepared in homemade creamy cheese sauce, the dish has been extremely delicious and yummy and a must try for all the pasta lovers. Café Yell prepares their sauces inhouse and so also their pasta and riviolli.
  6. Spring Fling: Another pizza which is worth trying at this place is the Spring Fling topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and grilled seasoned vegetables. This is extremely tasty and for all the vegetarians who are fond of pizzas, this dish is must try.
  7. Cookie Blast: One of the most ordered dishes in the Restaurant, one can blast out of happiness after witnessing it. This was so chocolaty and smooth. Strongly recommended.

Value for money-4/5


Yumminess Meter-4/5