Flying Fox is India’s first zip-line tour company which came into existence with the sole purpose of giving adventure lovers the ride of their lives – an exhilarating, aerial adventure that can never be forgotten. Since its inception in 2007, Flying Fox has created five unique zip-line tour destinations, in Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttarakhand – plus the latest adventure in the foothills of Mount Kenya in Africa.


Flying Fox Neemrana

We opened Flying Fox Neemrana, India’s first zip-line tour, in January 2009. Located at Neemrana Fort-Palace, Rajasthan, this is also the world’s first ever heritage zip-line tour.  

Our tour flies you over 15th century Neemrana Fort-Palace, offering magnificent views of the Aravalli Mountains and rural Rajasthan as you zip along 5 separate zip lines comprising over 1,250m of flight. On the way, our instructors tell you about the history and culture of Neemrana – how traders on the ancient Silk Route used to shelter overnight in the magnificent step well near the palace, how the current owners bought the fort off the last Raja for just 7 lakhs and still look after his family to this day.


Situated just 90 minutes from Gurgaon, Flying FoxNeemrana is an excellent day trip for Delhi-based families and adventurers, as well as a popular company off site destination. Apart from zipping, you can also enjoy exploring the fort-palace, feast on a sumptuous buffet lunch and take a camel-cart or vintage car ride around the village. Neemrana Hotel offers 70 fantastic heritage rooms in which to stay, plus two swimming pool. There is an international cultural programme from October to March at the open-air amphitheatre. And from 2019, Neemrana will be opening a brand-new day-visitor wing, with a la carte dining and a non-residents’ swimming pool. It’s the perfect antidote to Delhi’s dust and chaos!

Each of our zip lines at Neemrana has its own personality:

Zip 1: To Qila Slammer (330m)

Our first zip line soars high along the crest of the billion-year old Aravalli Mountains, launching from an old look out point and flying towards an ancient hill fort or “qila,”with spectacular views of the Rajasthan countryside.

Zip 2: Where Eagles Dare (400m)

This spans the entire side of the mountain overlooking Neemrana Fort-Palace. Fly like a vulture – or a god! – on Flying Fox’s longest zip line.

Zip 3: Pussy Galore (90m)

Named after one of our favourite Bond Girls, this zip may be short, but she’s sweet and she’s fast!

Zip 4: “Goodbye Mr Bond…” (250m)

Continuing the Bond theme, these immortals words were uttered by the villain Goldfinger, but Bond survived to fight another day…

Zip 5: The Big B (175m)

Named in honour of Amitabh Bachhan who once zipped from this very spot into the Fort-Palace during the film “Major Saheb”. Or was it his body double?


Flying Fox Jodhpur

Flying Fox Jodhpur is located at the legendary Mehrangarh Fort, which towers over the Blue City of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Mehrangarh – Citadel of the Sun – has been described by Time Magazine as “Asia’s finest fort”.

Our zip-line tour, opened in 2010, takes you on an incredible journey along 6 zip lines, launching from the battlements of Chokelao, the queen’s private garden and flying across lakes, fortifications and rocky ridges out to the ancient City Wall. From here, the launch of our final zip line, you can enjoy the finest view of Mehrangarh – bathed in warm afternoon light –surely one of the most extraordinary sights in all India.

For the tree-huggers among you, there is a welcome surprise in this corner of Marwar (literally the “land of death”). Our tour take you through Rao Jodha Park, transformed by environmental expert PradipKrishen from a barren wilderness of rock and sand into a burgeoning eco-park full of dozens of varieties of indigenous desert-thriving trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses.

For animal lovers, there is a surprising amount to see. The langur monkeys that leap across Mehrangarh’s battlements found fame in David Attenborough’s latest Planet Earth II nature documentary. But we also have a colony of bats hiding in a secret tunnel, lakes filled with carp and turtles, and Egyptian vultures soaring high overhead. We’ve even seen Eagle Owls nesting in Rao Jodha Park’s rock crevices.

The Old City of Jodhpur is one of the most magical towns in north India to wander around. Its guest houses cater for every budget from Rs 1000 a night up to the world-class Raas Hotel in an ancient haveli with a superb view of Mehrangarh.

Each of our zip lines at Jodhpur has its own personality:

Zip 1: Chokelao Challenge (115m)

Glide over lush, green Chokelao Garden, with great views of the Blue City

Zip 2: Ranisar Rollercoaster (170m)

Launch off a battlement, accessed through a secret tunnel (beware of the bats!), and fly high over Ranisar Lake

Zip 3: ChhotaWallah (70m)

It’s short but sweet, crossing a deep rocky ravine at the head of the lake

Zip 4: Jai Jodha (270m)

A superb long zip line, buzzing the ridges and flying deep into the heart of RaoJodha Park

Zip 5: Rajputs’ Revenge (160m)

Launching from a rocky mountain top with glorious views of Mehrangarh

Zip 6: The Magnificent Marwar (300m)

One of Flying Fox’s most spectacular and iconic zip lines, flying over two lakes and landing on the tip of a fortified tower rearing 30 metres out of the waters of Ranisar

Flying Fox Kikar

Built amid the Shivalik foothills of Punjab, Flying Fox Kikarflies you high and fast over canopies of forested ridges and valleys. During our 5 zip-line tour, you get to skim the treetops like a hornbill and take some serene treks through beautiful jungle.

Our base of operations is The Kikar Lodge, a luxury eco-resort with a range of high-end bungalows and tents, two swimming pools and a spa. Located in a private forest reserve near Rupnagar, about 90 minutes from Chandigarh, Kikar is a place to come and unwind after the stresses of city life. The air is cool and fresh, the clocks stand still and you are immersed in nature.

At Kikar, we offer one of our most unusual and unique experiences – night zipping! You set off in the late afternoon and trek for 20 minutes through the jungle to a lone silk-cotton tree with a wonderful view of the sunset. You then zip through dusk and into the night, feeling the forest come alive after the heat of the day. Cicadas whirr and buzz in the nearby canopy. Further off, you might hear the barking call of a barasingha deer. Leopards have been seen in these forests, but you’ll be lucky to see more than a pugmark. High above, the great arc of the heavens wheels around with a million stars sparkling more brightly than you can ever imagine. Hurtling through the darkness at 40 km/h with only a head torch to see where you’re going is a genuinely exhilarating experience!

If you want more out of your stay, The Kikar Lodge also offers a range of adventure activities: quad biking, horse-riding, paintball and a night safari – or you can just laze in the pool and order another beer…

Each of our zip lines at Kikar has its own personality:

Zip 1: Trap Door (315m)

Experience the ground drop away as this spectacular wire sends you soaring over a deep valley

Zip 2: Fly-by (400m)

Top Gun pilots couldn’t buzz the ridge this close as you fly our longest wire over two valleys

Zip 3: ChhotaWallah (120m)

Short but sweet, crossing a deep jungle valley with views of the Shivalik Hills in the distance

Zip 4: Leopard’s Leap (270m)

A superb zip line, busting out from the jungle and flying over a hidden temple along the way

Zip 5: The Exhibitionist (315m)

This zip doesn’t just take you home, it lands you at the party – don’t forget to strike a pose for the punters at the bar!

Flying Fox Rishikesh

The latest addition to our portfolio of Indian zip-line tours, Flying Fox Rishikesh flies you over the River Ganges – the first zip-line in the world over a sacred river. After your holy dip, take a holy zip!

Our location is Shivpuri, 10km upstream from Rishikesh and the nerve center of adventure tourism for North India. The views of the Ganges from our zip lines – as the river pours out of the Himalayan foothills over a series of white water rapids – are simply sensational.

This tour comprises two zip lines:

Zip 1: White Water Flyer (400m)

Glide downstream over the rapids of The Ganges. Constructing this zip wire was our biggest challenge yet, but it was worth it! Put simply, this wire is regarded by many as one of the most spectacular and iconic zip wires in the world.

Zip 2: High Times (350m)

This zip wire flies you home at high-speed 70m (230ft) above the river! Looking down at rafts the size of matchboxes is sure to take your breath away…

We operate this zip line tour in partnership with Snow Leopard Adventures, whose owner Ajeet Bajaj has just summited Mount Everest on 16th May 2018 with his daughter Deeya – the first Indian father-daughter combo to achieve the feat. If you stay at Snow Leopard’s Camp Panther, you can enjoy white-water rafting, kayaking, rappelling, and hiking as well as zip-lining on your doorstep. With improved roads to Rishikesh, it’s only 5 hours drive from Delhi now – the perfect weekend getaway!