As we thought of bringing something natural yet contemporary to our readers in terms of health, and lifestyle, we zero down to the very basic of mankind, ‘Ayurveda’, and when it comes to Ayurveda, nothing best can be thought of other than Kairali Ayurvedic Group. Team TMM recently took a tour of the Kairali resort in Palakkad, Kerala to bring in firsthand experience. 

It was a sun-drenched morning, as we landed at the Coimbatore airport and right outside the airport a chauffeur with a welcome placard from Kairali Group was waiting for us. Though the 120 minutes of road journey to the resort in Palakkad was quite tiring, as we entered in the lush green resort, we could feel the change. A change meant for all good. The calmness, peace and fresh air, we could actually feel it.  After the warm welcome with traditional aarti, energizing nariyal pani and diet food, all we wished for was a deep sleep.

Without making any delay, as we came out in the evening from our cottage, to feel the nature’s bliss in the sumptuous resort, we meet Abhilash K R, Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group, and what we came to know was surprising but true. It was more like walk the talk and as we asked him that why is it so that still people in India are so reluctant to be close to nature and get habituated to Ayurveda, pat came the reply, “See, we Indians have a tendency of getting influenced by west, while the west is influenced by us. As you can see, majority visitors at the resort are foreigners. The basic thing is, we don’t value what we have. I am happy to see the change on a smaller platform in India and hope it shifts to a larger platform and we are there to serve the best.” 

As we started exploring the concept and architecture of the resort, we came to know that the unique name of the rooms was nothing but the birth sign in local dialect and visitors have the privilege to book the rooms according to their zodiac sign.

The smoky evening walk was peaceful with camphor in the very corner of the resort and as we entered in the meditation room after the dusk, the pious sound of OM, gripped us so tight that we flowed with the ambience and invested well one hour in meditation. As we dispersed, it was time for dinner. According to Ayurveda the last meal of the day is supposed to be early so that the body gets a good amount of time to digest it and generate energy for a better morning. As expected, the dinner table had everything healthy. 

As the next morning kicked off with the yoga session in the open area of the verdant resort, we felt the value of rising early and breathing the fresh air, that we generally miss them in the rush of the city life. The rejuvenating meditation session of 45 minutes helped us to open to a new world, full of energy and positivity. As the day progressed and we moved to the breakfast table, we witnessed the healthier side of South Indian food, extensively cooked in coconut oil and milk. 

The most important part of the stay was the treatment session that actually made us feel light inside out. The treatment section at the resort is divided into two parts dedicated to both the genders with a common junction point where the initial medical consultation is provided by the experienced Ayurvedic doctors. As we moved in and discussed, it was an eye-opener to accept that every single action of our daily routine affects the body clock and if left unattended, can result in many disorder. The consultation was followed by an Ayurvedic massage. The similar routine continued for all the three days with different treatments (massages). The evenings were all about chilling in the swimming pool, reading books in the library, playing badminton and witnessing the cultural festival of the state. 

After spending three days and two nights, practically, it was hauling to return to the normal life. But, to be frank we had no choice. The best part of Kairali as a resort built around a hospital in 50 acres of forest region of Kerala, Pallakad is its uniquely crafted ecological balance and greenery which is dole out with more and brisker massages, balanced diet and peace which automatically rejuvenates the body and soul. As we left, the most valuable things we carried along were the lifestyle tips by the doctor, and the souvenir in form of, ‘The Ayurvedic Cookbook’ written by Gita Ramesh, Managing Director Kairali Ayurvedic Group.