Guri SekhonA pure soul Guri Sekhon

It is human nature to get attracted towards the bright light of ‘good’. It isn’t possible to walk our way-off through not-so-good means; remain on right track and emphasise on honesty, loyalty etc.Thus, it is necessary to keep yourself away from unnecessary disturbances from playing games and making ‘smarter’ moves which may unknowingly hurt others.

Here is the ‘good’ being a ‘pure soul does’ 

Saves time:

It is easier for you to stay focused on your work and not waste time in a worthless game of self-benefit at cost of hurting others. It is better to choose better paths to reach your goals. Thoughtful and concentrated completed tasks are 99% melodrama-proof, save time and helps you grow as a person than dragging you into awkward situations and conversations.

Builds stronger relationships:

If you have a warm heart and a pure soul, you would naturally emit an aura which enraptures everyone around you. In a journey called life, may find all sorts of people, but I can ensure you that people you meet selflessly are the ones that stay with you in the long run and these have the potential of being those best friends with whom you do not have to have an everyday phone call. These are those amazing humans that meet you like you have known each other forever and your equation is always balanced out. 

Credibility and trust:

Having a pure soul helps to maintain you a goodwill. People like interacting with people and look for individuals who can hear them out. Everyone is on a constant search for someone to vent out. Thus, having a pure heart and soul you would have an edge to know people inside out. 

Inner Peace: 

“Your mind (and of course your heart too) is like water, my friend. When it gets agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear” quotes master Oogway. However, your heart and mind become clear only when you have a kosher-soul.

Guri SekhonOptimism and happiness:

Both of these carve the way to a simple, cheerful self.  

Now it’s time to unravel ‘simple, yet not so simple’ truth of the life of finding your way to be ‘purer soul’.

Choose your company wisely:

Avoid people who are negative. Their company would hinder your mental peace in the long run. Stay with people who are optimistic and are willing to learn. Such people would keep inspiring you too. 

Stay true to yourself:

No matter what, lying to yourself is a big ‘NO’! It isn’t okay to lie to oneself. Be honest and stop hiding to avoid difficult situations.

Express responsibly

We all have emotions which we ought to express. But, make sure that you express negative emotions responsibly. It is fine to be upset about things, or feel angry. But, it takes time, practice and courage to express your anger in an optimistically to other people.


It is important to take a step back and analyse. Jumping into everything may sound adventurous, but may also carry drawbacks. Realise your strengths and weaknesses and bring an action-oriented plan.


A purer soul can only be achieved if you do not judge people, instead, try to put yourself in their shoes. When you master that art, you will easily be able to walk a couple of chapters of their life too. The best thing about empathising is that it lowers disappointment and provides a clearer picture. 

Thus, have the courage and be kind!