Divyanka & Vivek

How was your first date?

Vivek: It was a coffee date and we spent about an hour chatting.  I was sure about she being the one from our first date.

Divyanka: Our first date was when one of our mutual friends forced both of us to meet because Vivek had a feeling that we are meant to be together. That was an awkward moment for both of us. Both of us still showed up and met. After that, there was no looking back. I liked Vivek and met him many times post our first date. After meeting him for third or fourth time, I was considered to think about our marriage.

What do you like about each other?

Vivek: Divyanka is the most honest soul I have ever come across.  Everyone says it’s difficult to find beauty with brains. I would say it’s difficult to find someone as perfect as Divyanka.  She is extremely understanding and loving as a person. I love the way she has seamlessly fit with my family. We have created a world of our own.  She is one of the most hard working person I know. I really respect her for all that she has accomplished. And yet, she is so grounded. She inspires me like no other. Her positivity is contagious!

Divyanka:  Best thing about him is he treats women equal to men. He always encourages me to give my best when it comes to my work. He is very positive and hard-working. What I like about him is that he’s very expressive. He keeps surprising me to express his feelings. I feel every man should be like him. He went down on his knees to propose me in a typical way. That was a special moment for me.

Divyanka & Vivek

What is the story behind the name ‘DiVek’?

Vivek: Its our fans who created ‘DiVek’ way before Divyanka and I had even thought about being together.

Divyanka: I believe everyone knows the story behind DiVek. This was created by our fans. Even they did not know that this name would create wonders. There was a group picture where Vivek and I were standing next to each other. Our fans liked it. They cropped our picture and gave the named it DiVek. The name has changed our life forever!

You will be completing an year of your marriage. What has been your best memories?

Vivek: The last one year has been a basket full of beautiful memories. From our European honeymoon to the last few months of back-to-back dance rehearsals, each memory is extremely special.

Divyanka:  Best memories with Vivek was obviously when Nach Baliye happened because that was when we spent maximum time with each other. Now when its over, I am missing my husband a lot. I am not only missing the dance but I am also the time we spent together. I just hope someday I we could do some show together. Also, I miss the days when we were dating those long drives, hanging-out, spending time to know each other.

How was your journey on Nach Baliye 8?

Vivek: For me the moment of winning the trophy was definetely the most memorable one.  Beyond that, our rehearsals were really special as we learnt and grew together. We got an opportunity to spend more time together which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Divyanka: Honestly, we never thought that Nach Baliye would be apart of us in this way. We had numerous memorable moments. When I got injured, Vivek wanted to quit the show as he did not wanted me to go through all this. But dance kept both of us encouraged. Rest is history. Today we both are madly in love with Dance. We came close to each other during that period. We laughed, cried together. There was a time when I wanted to give up, but our choreographers motivated us to keep going.

How do you balance your work and personal life?

Vivek: Both go in sync.Luckily, we both belong to the same industry.Hence, we understand each other’s schedules. We try to take sometime off to spend with each other as well as with each other’s families.

Divyanka: I don’t mix up my personal and professional life. If there’s something in my personal life which is affecting my work, I make sure it does not affect my performance on-screen. I don’t like to discuss my work at home. But if there’s something interesting that I have done in a particular scene or an event I share it with my husband. So, I love sharing all interesting things with him. Otherwise, there are a lot of things to discuss apart from work. On one hand I am professional, am a completely devoted wife on other. I want to be loved and cared for by my husband. So, its a balance.

Divyanka & Vivek

What are core values you strongly believe in ?

Vivek: There needs to be loyalty, trust, and respect in a relationship.  I feel these build an indispensable foundation of a strong relationship.

Divyanka: The core value I believe very strongly in is ‘Karma’. I always believe in whatever you do, comes back to you in some way. That’s why one should always do good, spread positivity, help others in their difficult times. Also, I am learning to be positive from vivek. No matter what you do.It will get you great results.

Are you planning for a trip post Nach Baliye?

Vivek: Yes. We are heading to Italy for our first anniversary.

Divyanka: I am desperately looking forward for a trip abroad with Vivek. As of now, I am doing lots of research for our trip where to go, places to visit, what all to eat, what to wear etc. I am literally day dreaming of our destination these days. This is a much needed holiday as we both need to relax and spend some quality time together, enjoy to the core and resume our work all refreshed.

How do you both like to spend your day together?

Vivek: Catching up on some web series, bicycling, listening to music or spending time with our families.

Divyanka: I like to go on long drives, watch movies, with Vivek. There are times when we do nothing but just sit and talk.

What are your tips for the newly weds?

Vivek: Try to spend as much time with each other to understand each other. It is important to accept your partner’s imperfections and yet love them.

Divyanka: The most important tip is to ‘communicate’. Every fight in a relation is not the end of the world. One has to compromise and sort it out instead of fighting. Since you have to spend your entire life together, you must know about each others likes-dislike, nature, habits etc. Always give time to each other, accept each other’s weakness in a positive way. Adjustments is necessary in every relation whether its husband-wife, or with your in laws. Commitment, loyalty, trust, mutual understanding are essential to build and maintain a relationship

Are you planning to do some reality shows or movies in together?

Vivek: We would love to work together again but there isn’t anything in the pipeline right now.

Divyanka: We would love to work with each other again. But, can’t commit anything at present. Let’s see when that happens.

Rapid Fire

Five words to describe each other –  

Vivek: Hardworking, intelligent, positive, humble and loving

Divyanka:  Honest, determined, witty, wise and chivalrous.

Fitness Mantra:

Vivek: Sweat it out in the gym, eat right at regular intervals and don’t look for shortcuts. There aren’t any.

Divyanka:  Eat correct diet at right intervals.

A song on repeat mode these days:

Vivek: Bolo har har

Divyanka: Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Sanam Puri songs

Your inspiration:

Vivek: My father

Divyanka:  I get inspired by many, everyone has something beautiful to teach which even they might not be aware about.

A celebrity you wish to date:

Vivek: None, I’m married to the one I love!

Divyanka: Vivek Dahiya forever!

A dish you love to cook:

Vivek: Protein shake – The best I can prepare!

Divyanka:  I love to cook Indian sweets.

Your favourite perfume brand:

Vivek: Thierry Mugler, Narciso Rodriguez

Divyanka:  Salvatore, Ferragamo, Mulger

Favourite Gadget:

Vivek: Ones with voice control features.

Divyanka:   I like all kinds of gadgets like new cameras, mobiles or anything that makes life easier.