A ‘suit’ creates an aura that demands attention and respect. It can be moulded into a perfect choice for evenings and even day-wear. Its original invention as a workwear is now being used for almost all occasions. Not even the most ardent believers in equality or notion can refute that a book cannot be judged by its cover. A suit can amazingly make you look best. Generally, we draw conclusions about others in our very first meeting. We find it hard to shake conclusions we have made about someone. Often named as ‘Halo Effect’, a person’s appearance sends visual cues that people receive in a positive light for them to assume their perception about you is equally positive. This snowball effect has the capacity to transform your life and you can get it rolling simply by looking your best. Following is our guide for you to ace it like a pro. 

Black and White Check Suit: 

You can never go wrong with a classic black suit. Why go classic, when you can go chic? Instead of just picking up a plain black fabric, play with some print. Ensure that the print does not overpower black. Choose a print which is subtle or spread out over a wider range.

Blue Suit

Generally, we have a tendency of using a monochrome suit with a shirt and a tie of a different colour. It’s time to experiment with colors. The best way to do this is to tune the blazer and pant in the same solid colour. Add a splash of contrast colour with a tie to let the look do the talking.

Red jacket 

Usually, we prefer prints or checks above the waist. Try it for the bottom and go solid on top. Avoid busy print or a close-spaced check.

Game your classic suit to play class apart!

Stay stylish!