The Touch Of Mughal Era

Karim’s Fine Dine

Located near Sultanpur metro station, the place is a five-minute walk from the station. The luxurious ambiance is a tender announcement of Mughal era. Here are our favorites from the elaborated platter.

  1. Chicken Tikka: The oven-roasted bone-less spicy chicken is a must-try for im-memorable flavors.      
  2. Mutton Seekh Kabab: This Minced mutton roasted in charcoal, the dish is extremely tasty and yummlicious. These are best eaten with the green chutneys. 
  3. Raan– Roast leg of a lamb marinated in yogurt balsamic vinegar, mustard oil, and black cardamom powder; the dish is prepared in 40 minutes. But prepared on-order only.                                 
  4. Chicken and Mutton Biryani: This is a mandated-devour for biryani lovers                                    
  5. Karim’s Special Roti: This is Karim’s version of Tandoori Roti is a perfect bread to blend the tender taste of various gravies.                                                   
  6. Dal Makhni– The signature dish of Karim’s is prepared this by simmering dal overnight in tandoor and adding a pinch of flavors to tomatoes, onion-garlic paste.        
  7. Mutton Korma: The dish is prepared on marinating lamb in yogurt, spices, and herbs and served as a thick gravy.                                                                       
  8. Mutton Nihari– Slow cooked lamb prepared in a number of spices.                                                      
  9. Roghni Nann– Oven cooked, white flour bread and brushed with butter. The dish is a special preparation by Karim’s to enjoy food with delicious gravy.                     
  10. Sheermal – This is the bread mixed with milk, sugar, and cardamom and prepared in Tandoor. Do not miss this with a variety of gravies.                                   
  11. Butter Chicken-  This is a roasted chicken simmered in tomato gravy is something you would never forget.

Besides these authentic Karim’s special, do enjoy these dishes with great mocktails including basil martini, Roohafzah lemonade and Chatkara (lemonade with a twist). The cheese cake cooler and phirni in completes the exquisite Karim’s meal.



Food Quality- 4.5/5

Taste – 4.5/5