Actor Rohan Mehra, on his journey of physical transformation and fitness

 Why did you feel the need to undergo a transformation?

Honestly, I never got the time to undergo any transformation as I was continuously working for last 3 years. Recently, when I felt that there was some scope, I chose to take it up and feel happy inside.

Who prompted and inspired you?

It’s me. I always wanted to do something like this and therefore I decided to take this challenge.

What was the motive?
There was no such motive. As I said, it was a wish I always had, but never got the time to execute.

How long has it been since you are into fitness?
(Laughs) This might sound unrealistic, but I was off sweet and salt for last 60 days. My fitness trainer, Pradeep Bhatia, who has trained actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Tiger Shroff had always motivated me towards a healthy living. He calls me to the gym twice a day and makes me workout for 3 hours in total.

You must have rejected a lot of work. Were you ever scared of losing the celebrityhood?
Yes, I have given up a lot of projects because I believe in one thing at a time. When you know what you are doing, there is no scope for any fear I guess.

Did you ever feel the need to switch from the chocolate boy image to the macho one?
Honestly, my chocolate boy image was loved so much that I never felt the need to make the switch towards the macho image.  Having said that I always wanted to explore more and that’s the reason I brought in the change.