Mrunal Jain 

Read to know why Mrunal Jain has no objection to ‘full monty’

You are among the hottest hunks of the television industry. Still, you haven’t got your dues. Your opinion. 
To an extent, I would agree to the fact, but then we also need to accept the fact that television is a medium where a lot of close-ups are there and men don’t get enough importance as compared to the opposite gender. I guess the industry needs to work on men-centric shows and roles and probably then male actors would get their dues.

What is your greatest sex appeal?
I would say my eyes and my well-structured body makes me look attractive. Also, my physicality is my real strength.

What is your wildest fantasy?

(Thinks) (Smiles) It’s too wild to be talked about.

You have done intimate scenes in the web series. How bold are you willing to go if the script demands so? 
 I feel full monty is not required until the subject is based on Kamasutra or anything wild. There are different ways of shooting it and there are different ways of doing it. For me, it has to be very significant part of the story that it takes the story forward. In simple words, I am ready for it and don’t think that there is anything wrong with it, just the requirement should be demanding enough.

Who is the sexiest lady in tinsel town and why?
No one can beat Priyanka Chopra on that note. I think she goes with the flow on-screen and off-screen and that is what makes her stand apart.

Which actor has the best body in Bollywood industry and why?
With no doubt, it’s Hrithik Roshan. I guess he understands the need for the screen and what audiences expect. Having said that, he also knows the art of acting, so when it all combines on screen it looks like a full package.

Tell us about your career goals.
 I am looking forward to doing some very authentic kind of roles in the television and Bollywood of course.  I am planning to do more of theatre to hone my skills. When I did the short film recently, I realized the genre has much more scope to be explored, so that is also on my list.

Male actors are an easy target for casting couch. Express your opinion. 
I don’t think it’s only males who are the easy target. Anyone who is desperate for work can be easily targeted. It’s about the industry and it’s just that how willing you are to do it. Everybody has their own way to perceive and go away with it. It’s all up to you, how you take it or go with it. Casting couch exists and that is very sad and depressing.

Will you do a film like Hate Story series? 
Yes, I would love to, but only when the character is prominent enough. All the series of Hate Story have been from the girl’s point of view, so I waiting for the right narration and I am game.

What is the difference between lust and love?

Lust is the prepaid card while love is post-paid. Lust is based on physical attraction and love is a matter of heart.