Shimla has always been a tourist destination. Every summer, we all rush to Shimla for its scenic beauties and pleasant weather. I would really like to thank my friend Akul Gupta, who took me around the city and gave me the insight of Shimla then to Shimla now. Here, I bring some of the unseen pictures of Shimla before and during Indian Independence.

1. Chotta Shimla bazaar the oldest market in Shimla.

The picture below shows the oldest market in Shimla. A street that used to sell groceries and other day to day items.








2. The Road to History

The Road heading to Peterhoff where the trial of Nathuram Godse Mahatma Gandhi’s assassinator’s trial took place.








3. The Mode of Local Transport

Here we see, the British women and children in a buggy. This was one of the early modes of local transport in Shimla.










4. Its all about Education

Bishop Cotton, in Shimla, is the oldest boys school in Asia. The school was founded in the year 1859.  Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton was the man behind this educational institution.

5. Let’s Save Money!!!

In the early years, Shimla also had a bank on mall road during British Raj. This was the only bank in Shimla during that period.


Kalka shimla railway a heritage site noted by unesc

6. Thanks for the train!!

Kalka Shimla railway a heritage site noted by UNESCO. The 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) broad-gauge Delhi–Kalka line opened in 1891. Construction of the Kalka–Shimla railway on 2 ft(610 mm) narrow-gauge tracks was begun by the Delhi-Ambala-Kalka Railway Company in 1898. The 96.54 km (59.99 mi) line opened for traffic on 9 November 1903. and was dedicated by Viceroy Lord Curzon.




Britsh fascy fair at annadale.

7. Britsh fancy fair at Annadale

Gaiety theatre and town hall the oldest gothic style auditorium where British used to do plays and opera was held actors like Anupam Kher has performed here even Shilpa Shukla chakde fame.

Located in the heart of Shimla, on Mall Road, GaietyHeritage Cultural Complex is a significant tourist hot spot. Opened on the 30th of May in 1887, this historic cultural centre was designed by Henry Irwin. The building’s exquisite Gothic style of architecture is a true manifestation of Victorian artistry.


8. Ellerslie now HP secretariat Chota Shimla

Designed by the foresighted Lieutenant Abbott and built in the year 1902, the magnificent Ellerslie Building is the pride of Shimla, and one of the most stately legacies left behind by the British. Made from iron and stone, it presently houses the Government of Himachal Pradesh Secretariat. It’s hard to believe that this century-old construction has a sub-basement, basement and 3 floors above, all of which were built more than hundred years ago. Certainly not a sight to be missed while in Shimla!









9. The Catholic church in Shimla one of the oldest in India









10. Glimpses of mall road

Mall Road is the main street in Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, India. Constructed during British colonial rule, the Mall road has located a level below the ridge.









11. The oldest and natural ice skating rink in Asia

It is really one of the best snow games people of all age groups enjoy. even back then ice skating was one of the games people loved that time.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these unseen rare pictures. Thank you my friend from Shimla, Akul Gupta for taking me through Modern Shimla and sharing these pictures with me.